Proceedings of the 2008 Linux Symposium

2008 Proceedings, Volume One, 284-page PDF

2008 Proceedings, Volume Two, 268-page PDF

Individual Papers

AuthorTitle / Link to Final PDF
H. Peter Anvinx86 network booting: integrating gPXE and PXELINUX
Kamalesh BabulalKeeping The Linux Kernel Honest (Testing kernels)
Ohad Ben-CohenKorset: Automated, Zero False-Alarm Intrusion Detection for the Linux Kernel
Len BrownSuspend to RAM in Linux -- State of the Union Address
Kris BuytaertSystems Monitoring Shootout
Fernando Laudares CamargosVirtualization of Linux servers: a comparative study
Bruno CornecMondoRescue: a GPL disaster Recovery Solution
Steven C DakeThe Corosync Cluster Engine
Mathieu DesnoyersLTTng: Tracing across execution layers, from the Hypervisor to user-space
Matt DomschGetting the Bits Out: Fedora MirrorManager
Steven Alan DuCheneApplying Green Computing to clusters and the data center
Jake EdgeIntroduction to Web Application Security Flaws
Steve FrenchAround the Linux File System World in 45 minutes
Bdale GarbeePeace, Love, and Rockets!
Dennis GilmoreSecondary Arches, enabling Fedora to run everywhere
Luis Claudio R. GoncalvesApplication Testing under Realtime Linux
Naveen GuptaI/O Containment
Serge HallynLinux capabilities: making them work
John HawleyIssues in Linux Mirroring: Or, BitTorrent Considered Harmful.
Tim HockinLinux, Open Source, and System Bringup Tools
Marcel HoltmannAudio streaming over Bluetooth
Gerrit HuizengaCloud Computing: Coming out of the fog
Jared HulbertIntroducing the Advanced XIP File System
Joo-Young HwangLow Power MPEG4 Player
Sungho KimVESPER (Virtual Embraced Space ProbER)
Eunki KimCamcorder multimedia framework with Linux and GStreamer
Andi KleenOn submitting kernel features
Aneesh Kumar K.VExt4 block and inode allocator improvements
Christoph H. LameterBazillions of pages: The future of memory management under Linux
Rob LandleyWhere Linux kernel documentation hides.
Grant LikelyTux meets Radar O'reilly---Linux in military telecom
Grant LikelyA Symphony of Flavours: Using the device tree to describe embedded hardware
John W. LinvilleTux on the Air: The State of Linux Wireless Networking
David LutterkortAugeas---a Linux configuration API
Paul E McKenney'Real Time' vs. 'Real Fast': How to Choose?
Arnaldo Carvalho de MeloIf I turn this knob... what happens?
Milena MilenkovicPerformance Inspector Tools with Instruction Tracing and Per-Thread/Function Profiling
Andrey MirkinContainers checkpointing and live migration
Subrata ModakBuilding a Robust Linux kernel piggybacking The Linux Test Project
James MorrisHave you driven an SELinux lately?
Bob MurphyCoding Eye-Candy for Portable Linux Devices
Yuichi NakamuraSELinux for Consumer Electric Devices
Venkatesh PallipadiPATting Linux
Patrick PattersonPathfinder---A new approach to Trust Management
Martin K. PetersenLinux Data Integrity Extensions
D. Hugh RedelmeierRed Hat Linux 5.1 vs. CentOS 5.1: ten years of change
Leandro Melo SalesMeasuring DCCP for Linux against TCP and UDP With Wireless Mobile Devices
Casey SchauflerSmack in Embedded Computing
Vaidyanathan SrinivasanEnergy-aware task and interrupt management in Linux
Shreyas SrinivasanChoosing an application framework for your Linux mobile device
Kenichi TanakaSCSI fault injection test
Andrew TheurerA Survey of Virtualization Workloads
Sujith ThomasThermal management in user space
Chris TylerA Model for Sustainable Student Involvement in Community Open Source
Kazuhiro YamatoA Runtime Code Modification Method for Application Programs
Keun Soo YimSSD/HDD Hybrid Storage Architecture Management for Linux Kernel
Edwin ZhaiLive Migration with VT-d for Linux VM