Proceedings of the 2007 Linux Symposium

Proceedings V1 (314 pages)PDF
Proceedings V2 (318 pages)PDF

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Muli Ben-Yehuda The Price of Safety: Evaluating IOMMU Performance
Arnd Bergmann Linux on Cell Broadband Engine status update
Martin Bligh Linux Kernel Debugging on Google-sized clusters
Rodrigo Rubira Branco Ltrace internals
Anderson Farias Briglia Evaluating effects of cache memory compression on embedded systems using Linux kernel 2.6.x
Len Brown ACPI in Linux -- Myths vs. Reality
Len Brown Cool Hand Linux -- Thermal Extensions for Linux Handhelds
Zachary A. Brown Asynchronous system calls
Andrew Cagney Frysk 1, Kernel 0?
Tim Chen Keeping Kernel Performance from Regressions
Jordan H. Crouse Breaking the Chains: Using LinuxBIOS to liberate embedded X86 processors
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo The 7 dwarves: debugging information beyond gdb
Philippe Deniel GANESHA, a multi-usage with large cache NFSv4 server.
Justin M. Forbes Why Virtualization Fragmentation Sucks
Steve French A new network filesystem is born: comparison of SMB2, CIFS, and NFS
Mel Gorman Supporting the Allocation of Large Contiguous Regions of Memory
Corey D. Gough Kernel Scalability---Expanding the Horizon Beyond Fine Grain Locks
Vivek Goyal Kdump: Smarter, Easier, Trustier
Ryan A. Harper Using KVM to run Xen guests without Xen
Masami Hiramatsu Djprobe - probing kernel with the smallest overhead.
Marcel Holtmann Desktop integration of Bluetooth
Yu Ke How virtualization makes power management different
James A. Keniston Ptrace, Utrace, Uprobes: Lightweight, Dynamic Tracing of User Apps
Avi Kivity kvm: the Kernel-based Virtual Machine for Linux
Denis Lunev Resource management: the Beancounters
Paul Komkoff Linux Telephony
Greg Kroah-Hartman Linux Kernel development, who is doing it, what are they doing, and who is sponsoring it (with pretty graphs and a few posters)
Christopher James Lahey Implementing Democracy, a large scale cross-platform desktop application
Christoph H. Lameter Extreme High Performance Computing or Why Microkernels suck
Vasily Linkov Performance and Availability Characterization for Linux Servers
Adam G. Litke Turning the Page on hugetlb interfaces
David Lutterkort Manageable virtual appliances
Ben Martin Everything is a virtual filesystem: libferris
Jon Mason Unifying virtual drivers
Avantika Mathur The New Ext4 Filesystem: current status and future plans
Paul B. Menage Resource Control and Isolation: Adding Generic Process Containers to the Linux Kernel
Andrey Mirtchovski KvmFS: Virtual Machine Partitioning For Clusters and Grids
Rajeev Muralidhar Linux-based Ultra Mobile PCs: Analysis of Networking stacks, File systems and Design Recommendations
Shailabh Nagar Where is your application stuck
Hadi Nahari Trusted Secure Embedded Linux: From Hardware Root of Trust to Mandatory Access Control
Jun Nakajima Hybrid-Virtualization --- Ideal Virtualization for Linux
Michael Opdenacker Readahead: time-travel techniques for desktop and embedded systems
Yoann Padioleau Semantic Patches for Collateral Evolutions in Device Drivers
Venkatesh Pallipadi cpuidle - Do nothing, efficiently...
Inaky Perez-Gonzalez My bandwidth is wider than yours: Ultrawideband, Wireless USB and WiNET in Linux
Daniel Phillips Zumastor Linux Storage Server
Lennart Poettering Cleaning up the Linux desktop audio mess
Herbert Potzl Linux-VServer: Resource Efficient OS-Level Virtualization
Steven Rostedt Internals of the RT Patch
Rusty Russell lguest: Implementing the little Linux hypervisor
Takashi Sato ext4 online defragmentation
David Schlesinger The Hiker Project: An Application Framework for Mobile Linux Devices
Suresh Siddha Getting maximum mileage out of tickless
Balbir Singh Containers: Challenges with memory resource controller and its performance
Josef Sipek Kernel Support for Stackable File Systems
Ernest Szeideman Linux rollout at Nortel
Kiyoshi Ueda Request-based device-mapper and multipath dynamic load-balancing
Klaas van Gend Short-term solution for 3G networks in Linux: umtsmon
Steven John Whitehouse The GFS2 Filesystem
David Wilder Unified Driver Tracing Infrastructure
Fengguang Wu Linux readahead: less tricks for more
Hiro Yoshioka Regression Test Framework and Kernel Execution Coverage
Yanmin Zhang Enable PCI Express Advanced Error Reporting in Kernel
Yi Zhu Linux network multiple hardware queues support
Peter Zijlstra Concurrent Pagecache