Proceedings of the Linux Symposium, 2006, Ottawa, Canada

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Authors retain copyright to all submitted papers, but have granted unlimited redistribution rights to all as a condition of submission.

2006 Linux Symposium Proceedings

Volume One (PDF)7960KB450 Pages
Volume Two (PDF)9856KB436 Pages

Reprints of Individual Papers

accardi-reprint.pdfEnabling Docking Station Support for the Linux KernelKristen Carlson Accardi183KB12
airlie-reprint.pdfOpen Source Graphic Drivers---They Don't Kill KittensDavid M. Airlie147KB10
almesberger-reprint.pdfkboot---A Boot Loader Based on KexecWerner Almesberger271KB14
alt-reprint.pdfIdeas on improving Linux infrastructure for performance on multi-core platformsMaxim Alt287KB20
bae-reprint.pdfA Reliable and Portable Multimedia File SystemJ.-Y. Hwang, J.-K. Bae, A. Kirnasov, M.-S. Jang, & H.-Y. Kim191KB16
ben-yehuda-reprint.pdfUtilizing IOMMUs for Virtualization in Linux and XenM. Ben-Yehuda, J. Mason, J. Xenidis, O. Krieger, L. Van Doorn, J. Nakajima, A. Mallick, & E. Wahlig183KB18
bhattacharya-reprint.pdfTowards a Highly Adaptable Filesystem Framework for LinuxS. Bhattacharya & D. Da Silva197KB16
biederman-reprint.pdfMultiple Instances of the Global Linux NamespacesEric W. Biederman163KB14
bligh-reprint.pdfFully Automated Testing of the Linux KernelM. Bligh & A.P. Whitcroft185KB16
brown-reprint.pdfLinux Laptop Battery LifeL. Brown, K.A. Karasyov, V.P. Lebedev, R.P. Stanley, & A.Y. Starikovskiy227KB22
cagney-reprint.pdfThe Frysk Execution Analysis ArchitectureAndrew Cagney195KB8
cao-reprint.pdfEvaluating Linux Kernel Crash Dumping MechanismsFernando Luis Vazquez Cao230KB26
chinner-reprint.pdfExploring High Bandwidth Filesystems on Large SystemsDave Chinner & Jeremy Higdon247KB18
denijs-reprint.pdfThe Effects of Filesystem FragmentationGiel de Nijs, Ard Biesheuvel, Ad Denissen, Niek Lambert464KB18
desnoyers-reprint.pdfThe LTTng tracer: A low impact performance and behavior monitor for GNU/LinuxM. Desnoyers & M.R. Dagenais288KB18
dike-reprint.pdfLinux as a HypervisorJeff Dike167KB12
domsch-reprint.pdfSystem Firmware Updates Utilizing Sofware RepositoriesMatt Domsch & Michael Brown162KB14
drepper-reprint.pdfThe Need for Asynchronous, Zero-Copy Network I/OUlrich Drepper180KB16
eigler-reprint.pdfProblem Solving With SystemtapFrank Ch. Eigler152KB10
eranian-reprint.pdfPerfmon2: a flexible performance monitoring interface for LinuxStephane Eranian289KB22
fasheh-reprint.pdfOCFS2: The Oracle Clustered File System, Version 2Mark Fasheh214KB16
fujita-reprint.pdftgt: Framework for Storage Target DriversTomonori Fujita & Mike Christie187KB12
getz-reprint.pdfMore Linux for LessMichael Hennerich & Robin Getz2790KB22
gleixner-reprint.pdfHrtimers and Beyond: Transforming the Linux Time SubsystemsThomas Gleixner and Douglas Niehaus265KB16
goater-reprint.pdfMaking Applications Mobile Under LinuxC. Le Goater, D. Lezcano, C. Calmels, D. Hansen, S.E. Hallyn, & H. Franke308KB24
gorman-reprint.pdfThe What, The Why and the Where To of Anti-FragmentationMel Gorman and Andy Whitcroft350KB18
hamano-reprint.pdfGIT---A Stupid Content TrackerJunio C. Hamano161KB12
henson-reprint.pdfReducing fsck time for ext2 file systemsV. Henson, Z. Brown, T. T'so, & A. van de Ven176KB16
hill-reprint.pdfNative POSIX Threads Library (NPTL) Support for uClibc.Steven J. Hill171KB14
holtmann-reprint.pdfPlaying BlueZ on the D-BusMarcel Holtmann154KB8
howells-reprint.pdfFS-Cache: A Network Filesystem Caching FacilityDavid Howells239KB16
jones-reprint.pdfWhy Userspace Sucks---Or 101 Really Dumb Things Your App Shouldn't DoDave Jones158KB12
kamble-reprint.pdfEvolution in Kernel Debugging using Hardware Virtualization With XenNitin A. Kamble183KB18
kaminaga-reprint.pdfImproving Linux Startup Time Using Software Resume (and other techniques)Hiroki Kaminaga177KB12
kenefick-reprint.pdfAutomated Regression HuntingA. Bowen, P. Fox, J. Kenefick, A. Romney, J. Ruesch, J. Wilde, & J. Wilson150KB12
kent-reprint.pdfHacking the Linux Automounter---Current Limitations and Future DirectionsIan Maxwell Kent & Jeff Moyer193KB16
kirch-reprint.pdfWhy NFS SucksOlaf Kirch179KB16
kleikamp-reprint.pdfEfficient Use of the Page Cache with 64 KB PagesDave Kleikamp and Badari Pulavarty180KB8
lahaise-reprint.pdfStartup Time in the 21st Century: Filesystem Hacks and Assorted TweaksBenjamin C.R. LaHaise129KB6
lu-reprint.pdfUsing Hugetlbfs for Mapping Application Text RegionsH.J. Lu, K. Doshi, R. Seth, & J. Tran164KB10
mackall-reprint.pdfTowards a Better SCM: Revlog and MercurialMatt Mackall166KB10
martin-reprint.pdfRoadmap to a GL-based composited desktop for LinuxK.E. Martin and K. Packard155KB12
mavinakayanahalli-reprint.pdfProbing the Guts of KprobesA. Mavinakayanahalli, P. Panchamukhi, J. Keniston, A. Keshavamurthy, & M. Hiramatsu193KB18
mccracken-reprint.pdfShared Page Tables ReduxDave McCracken149KB8
mckenney-reprint.pdfExtending RCU for Realtime and Embedded WorkloadsPaul E. McKenney256KB18
melo-reprint.pdfOSTRA: Experiments With on-the-fly Source PatchingArnaldo Carvalho de Melo130KB6
miyazawa-reprint.pdfDesign and Implementation to Support Multiple Key Exchange Protocols for IPsecK. Miyazawa, S. Sakane, K. Kamada, M. Kanda, & A. Fukumoto196KB10
mochel-reprint.pdfThe State of Linux Power Management 2006Patrick Mochel174KB16
moilanen-reprint.pdfI/O Workload Fingerprinting in the Genetic-LibraryJake Moilanen207KB10
nakajima-reprint.pdfX86-64 XenLinux: Architecture, Implementation, and OptimizationsJun Nakajima, Asit Mallick222KB14
novillo-reprint.pdfGCC---An Architectural Overview, Current Status, and Future DirectionsDiego Novillo199KB18
pai-reprint.pdfShared-Subtree Concept, Implementation, and Applications in LinuxAl Viro & Ram Pai504KB16
pallipadi-reprint.pdfThe Ondemand GovernorVenkatesh Pallipadi & Alexey Starikovskiy223KB18
park-reprint.pdfLinux Bootup Time Reduction for Digital Still CameraChan-Ju Park306KB12
piggin-reprint.pdfA Lockless Pagecache in Linux---Introduction, Progress, PerformanceNick Piggin3300KB16
pratt-reprint.pdfThe Ongoing Evolution of XenI. Pratt, D. Magenheimer, H. Blanchard, J. Xenidis, J. Nakajima, & A. Liguori169KB14
reix-reprint.pdfNFSv4 Test ProjectTony Reix489KB22
riel-reprint.pdfMeasuring Resource Demand on LinuxRik van Riel214KB10
santos-reprint.pdfImproving the Approach to Linux Performance AnalysisJose Santos & Guanglei Li162KB12
schopp-reprint.pdfResizing Memory With Balloons and HotplugJ.H. Schopp, K. Fraser, & M.J. Silbermann154KB10
schwidefsky-reprint.pdfCollaborative Memory Management in Hosted Linux EnvironmentsM. Schwidefsky, H. Franke, R. Mansell, H. Raj, D. Osisek, & J.H. Choi289KB18
siddha-reprint.pdfChip Multi Processing aware Linux Kernel SchedulerSiddha, Pallipadi and Mallick372KB14
sievers-reprint.pdfDynamic Device Handling on the Modern DesktopK. Sievers & D. Zeuthen190KB10
sipek-reprint.pdfUnionfs: User- and Community-Oriented Development of a Unification File SystemD. Quigley, J. Sipek, C.P. Wright, & E. Zadok238KB16
subrahmanyam-reprint.pdfVMI: An Interface for ParavirtualizationZ. Amsden, D. Arai, D. Hecht, A. Holler, & P. Subrahmanyam205KB18
suzaki-reprint.pdfHTTP-FUSE XenoppixK. Suzaki, T. Yagi, K. Iijima, K. Kitagawa, S. Tashiro835KB16
theurer-reprint.pdfVirtual Scalability: Charting the Performance of Linux in a Virtual WorldA. Theurer, K. Rister, O. Krieger, R. Harper, & S. Dobbelstein174KB12
ufimtsev-reprint.pdfAutomatic System for Linux Kernel Performance TestingA. Ufimtsev & L. Murphy223KB8
williams-reprint.pdfMD RAID AccelerationDan J. Williams148KB8
wong-reprint.pdfCatalyzing Hardware Driver DevelopmentD.J. Wong, A. Bruemmer, D. Fry, & M. Salyzyn201KB16