Proceedings of the 2005 Linux Symposium

Proceedings Volume One (PDF, 346 pages) // Volume Two (PDF, 320 pages)

Individual Papers

AuthorTitle / Link to PDF
Rajesh Banginwar Linux Standard Base Development Kit for application building/porting
Gilad Ben-Yossef Building Murphy-compatible embedded Linux systems
Martin J. Bligh Can you handle the pressure? Making Linux bulletproof under load
James Bottomley Block Devices and Transport Classes: Where are we going?
Len Brown Hot Keys, Video Control, Suspend/Resume, Oh My! -- Recent advances and current challenges in Linux/ACPI
Mingming Cao State of the Art: Where we are with the Ext3 filesystem?
Mike D. Day Using a the Xen Hypervisor to Supercharge OS Deployment
Giel de Nijs Active Block I/O Scheduling System (ABISS)
Jeff Dike UML and the Intel VT extensions
James Gettys The New X Input System
Ed Goggin Linux Multipathing
Vivek Goyal Kdump, A Kexec-based kernel crash dumping mechanism
Clyde Griffin Introducing the new Novell Linux Kernel Debugger, NLKD
Leonid Grossman Large Receive Offload implementation in Neterion 10GbE Ethernet driver
Michael Austin Halcrow eCryptfs: An Enterprise-class Encrypted Filesystem for Linux
Darren Vincent Hart We are not getting any younger
Christian Holtje Automated BoardFarm: Only Better with Bacon
Marcel Holtmann The BlueZ towards a wireless world of penguins
bert hubert On faster application startup times: Cache stuffing, seek profiling, adaptive preloading
Michael K. Johnson Building Linux Software with Conary
Paul Larson Testing the Xen Hypervisor and Linux Virtual Machines
Chris Leech An Alternative to TOE: Intel I/O Acceleration
Heinz Mauelshagen dmraid - device-mapper RAID tool
Gordon McFadden Usage of Virtualized GNU/Linux to Support Binary Testing Across Multiple Distributions
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo DCCP on Linux
Patrick Mochel The sysfs Filesystem
Jake Moilanen Using genetic algorithms to autonomically tune the kernel
Tom Long Nguyen PCI Express Port Bus Driver Support for Linux
Robert Olsson pktgen the linux packet generator
Keith Packard TWIN: An Even Smaller Window System for Even Smaller Devices
Matt Porter RapidIO for Linux
Vara Prasad Locating system problems using dynamic instrumentation
Ian Pratt Xen 3.0 and the Art of Virtualization
Sonny Rao Examining Linux 2.6 Page-Cache Performance
Emily Ratliff Trusted Computing and Linux
Tony François Claude Reix NPTL Stabilization Project
John A. Ronciak Networking Driver Performance and Measurement - e1000 A Case Study
Rusty Russell nfsim: Untested code is buggy code
Joel H. Schopp Hotplug Memory Redux
Seetharami R. Seelam Enhancements to Linux I/O Scheduling
Suresh Siddha Chip Multi Processing (CMP) aware Linux Kernel Scheduler
Peter St. Onge a Python-based interface to a comprehensive online bioinformatics resource
Ravikiran G. Thirumalai Ho Hum, yet another memory allocator. Do we need another dynamic per-cpu allocator?
Eric Van Hensbergen Glen or Glenda: Empowering Users and Applications with Private Namespaces
Alex Vasilevsky Linux Virtualization on Virtual Iron VFe
Bruce J. Walker Clusterproc: Linux kernel Support for Clusterwide Process Management
Harald Marc Welte Flow-based network accounting with Linux
Bob Woodruff Introduction to the InfiniBand Core Software
Hideaki Yoshifuji Linux Is Now IPv6 Ready
Pete Zaitcev The usbmon: USB monitoring framework
Jiong Zhao Adopting and Commenting the Old Kernel Source Code for Education