Linux Symposium 2004 Proceedings

Published Proceedings

Volume One (PDF, 294 pages, 1.7MB)
Volume Two (PDF, 306 pages, 3.8MB)

Single Volume (PDF, 594 pages, 5.5MB)

Individual Papers

Werner Almesberger TCP Connection Passing (128K, PDF)
Dan Aloni Cooperative Linux (48K, PDF)
Erik Andersen Build your own Wireless Access Point (40K, PDF)
Stuart Anderson Run-time testing of LSB Applications (68K, PDF)
Jens Axboe Linux Block IO---present and future (60K, PDF)
Suparna Bhattacharya Linux AIO Performance and Robustness for Enterprise Workloads (80K, PDF)
Tim R. Bird Methods to Improve Bootup Time in Linux (48K, PDF)
Martin J. Bligh Linux on NUMA Systems (368K, PDF)
James Bottomley Improving Kernel Performance by Unmapping the Page Cache (56K, PDF)
Dave Boutcher Linux Virtualization on IBM Power5 Systems (48K, PDF)
Len Brown The State of ACPI in the Linux Kernel (92K, PDF)
Ray Bryant Scaling Linux to the Extreme (92K, PDF)
Peter Chubb Get More Device Drivers out of the Kernel! (152K, PDF)
Wim A. Coekaerts Big Servers---2.6 compared to 2.4 (28K, PDF)
Paul Devriendt Multi-processor and frequency scaling (84K, PDF)
Matt Domsch Dynamic Kernel Module Support: From Theory to Practice (72K, PDF)
Scott Feldman e100 weight reduction program (28K, PDF)
James Bruce Fields NFSv4 and rpcsec_gss for linux (36K, PDF)
Louay Gammo Comparing and Evaluating epoll, select, and poll Event Mechanisms (108K, PDF)
James Gettys The (Re)Architecture of the X Window System (60K, PDF)
Grant Grundler ia64-Linux perf tools for IO dorks (72K, PDF)
Ibrahim Haddad Carrier Grade Server Features in the Linux Kernel (220K, PDF)
Michael Austin Halcrow Demands, Solutions, and Improvements for Linux Filesystem Security (104K, PDF)
Dave Hansen Hotplug Memory and the Linux VM (44K, PDF)
Greg Kroah-Hartman kobjects and krefs: lockless reference counting for kernel structures (36K, PDF)
Rick Lindsley The Cursor Wiggles Faster: Measuring Scheduler Performance (100K, PDF)
Robert Love On a Kernel Events Layer and User-space Message Bus System (28K, PDF)
Matt Mackall Linux-tiny and directions for small systems (44K, PDF)
Dan Magenheimer Xen and the Art of Open Source Virtualization (108K, PDF)
Jon Paul Maloy TIPC: Providing Communication for Linux Clusters (200K, PDF)
Dave McCracken Object-based reverse mapping (28K, PDF)
Michael Meeks The World of OpenOffice (36K, PDF)
Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo TCPfying the Poor Cousins (28K, PDF)
Kazunori Miyazawa IPv6 IPsec and Mobile IPv6 implementation of Linux (76K, PDF)
Keith Packard Getting X Off the hardware (48K, PDF)
Ram Pai Linux 2.6 performance improvement through readahead optimization (308K, PDF)
Inaky Perez-Gonzalez I would hate user space locking if it werent that sexy... (564K, PDF)
Steven L. Pratt Workload Dependent Performance Evaluation of the 2.6 I/O Schedulers (496K, PDF)
Rik van Riel Improving Linux resource control using CKRM (196K, PDF)
Sam Robb Creating Cross-Compile Friendly Software (48K, PDF)
John A. Ronciak Page-Flip Technology for use within the Linux Networking Stack (80K, PDF)
Rusty Russell Linux Kernel Hotplug CPU Support (76K, PDF)
Dipankar Sarma Issues with Selected Scalability Features of the 2.6 Kernel (744K, PDF)
Kittur (Doc) S. Shankar Achieving CAPP/EAL3+ Security Certification for Linux (88K, PDF)
Alain Volmat Linux on a Digital Camera (116K, PDF)
Harald Welte ct_sync: state replication of ip_conntrack (44K, PDF)
Mats Wichmann Increasing the Appeal of Open Source Projects (48K, PDF)
Matthew S. Wilson Repository-based System Management Using Conary (116K, PDF)
Carl D. Worth On-demand Linux for Power-aware Embedded Sensors (608K, PDF)
Chris Wright Virtually Linux (44K, PDF)