Proceedings of the Linux Symposium, 2003, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Werner Almesberger UML Simulator
Mike S. Anderson SCSI Mid-Level Multipath
William Atwood IPv4/IPv6 Translation
Ken S. Bantoft Building Enterprise Grade VPNs
Martin J. Bligh Linux memory management on larger machines
James Bottomley Integrating DMA into the Generic Device Model
Ray Bryant Linux Scalability for Large NUMA Systems
Catharina L. Candolin An Implementation of HIP for Linux
Ken W. Chen Improving enterprise database performance
Paul R. Clements High Availability Data Replication
Russell Coker Porting NSA Security Enhanced Linux to Hand-held devices
Jean-Luc R. Cooke Strong Cryptography in the Linux Kernel
Jonathan M. Corbet Porting Drivers to the 2.5 Kernel
Hubertus Franke Class-based Prioritized Resource Control in Linux
Patricia A. Gaughen Linux Support for NUMA Hardware
Kai Germaschewski Kernel configuration and building in Linux 2.5
David W. Gibson Device discovery and power management in embedded systems
Jody E. Goldberg Gnumeric -- Using GNOME to go up against MS Office
Grant Grundler DMA Hints on IA64/PARISC
William L. Irwin A 2.5 Page Clustering Implementation
Dave Jones Ugly Ducklings -- Resurrecting unmaintained code
Greg Kroah-Hartman udev -- A Userspace Implementation of devfs
Benjamin C.R. LaHaise Reliable NAS from Dirt Cheap Commodity Hardware
Paul W. Larson Improving the Linux Test Project with Kernel Code Coverage Analysis
Richard Libby Effective HPC Hardware Management and Failure Prediction Strategy Using IPMI
Robert M. Love Interactive Kernel Performance
Tony Luck Machine Check Recovery for Linux on Itanium Processors
Paul Mackerras Low-level optimizations in the PowerPC Linux Kernels
Dave McCracken Sharing Page Tables in the Linux Kernel
Arnaldo Melo Kernel Janitors: State of the Project
Patrick Mochel Linux Kernel Power Management
Matthew D. Porter Bringing PowerPC Book E Processors to Linux
Badari Pulavarty Asynchronous IO Support in Linux 2.5
Rik van Riel Towards an O(1) VM
Tim Riker Developing Mobile Devices based on Linux
Phil Schwan Lustre: Building a File System for 1,000-node Clusters
Stephen L. Scott OSCAR Clusters
Hirokazu Takata Porting Linux to the M32R processor
Matthew E. Tolentino Linux in a Brave New Firmware Environment
Malcolm Tredinnick Implementing the SMIL Specification
Theodore Y. Ts'o Benchmarks that Model Enterprise Workloads
Luis Villa Large Free Software Projects and Bugzilla
Cliff White Performance Testing the Linux Kernel
Mark A. Wong Stressing Linux with Real-world Workloads
Carl D. Worth Xr: Cross-device Rendering for Vector Graphics
Karim Yaghmour relayfs: An efficient unified approach for trasmitting data from kernel to user space
Hideaki Yoshifuji Linux IPv6 Networking
Louis lz Zhuang Fault Injection Test Harness