Proceedings of the 2001 Ottawa Linux Symposium

Individual Papers

AuthorTitle / Link to PDF
William Andy AdamsonLinux NFS Version 4: Implementation, Administration, and Performance
David BoutcherKernel Changes for IBM iSeries Logical Partition
Michael J. BrimOSCAR: Open Source Cluster Application Resources
Gerald BrittonA High Performance PCI Shared-Memory Communication Link
Jeff DikeUser-mode Linux
David EngebretsenPowerPC 64-bit Kernel Internals
Jerome EtienneHigh availibility: vrrpd, usage, configuration and security
Richard GoochThe Linux Device File-System
Alex GraveleyMaking SOAP with Soup
Simon HormanGlobally Distributed Content (Using BGP to Take Over the World)
Miguel de IcazaThe Bonobo Object Naming Space
Dave JonesLinux tuning with Powertweak
Andi KleenLinux on x86-64 port
Mike KravetzA study of Scheduler Scalability
Greg Kroah-HartmanHotpluggable devices and the Linux kernel
Peter A. LoscoccoMeeting Critical Security Objectives with Security-Enhanced Linux
Paul McKenneyRead-Copy Update
Ettore PerazzoliEvolution, the GNOME Groupware Suite
Pekka PietikainenScheduled Transfer Protocol in Linux
Federico Mena QuinteroGNOME Technologies in Real-World Applications
Gavriel StateDirectX and Wine
Owen TaylorPango: Text Handling for the World
Jeff TranterKDE Multimedia Architecture
Antti TuominenMIPL Mobile IPv6 for Linux
David WoodhouseJournalling Flash File System
Karim YaghmourThe Real-Time Application Interface
La Monte Henry Piggy YarrollSCTP (Stream Control Transmission Protocol, RFC 2960)