Proceedings of the 2008 GCC Summit

Proceedings (PDF, 142 pages)

Individual Papers

AuthorTitle / Link to PDF
Grigori FursinEnabling dynamic selection of optimal optimization passes in GCC
Taras GlekUsing GCC Instead of Grep and Sed
Richard GuentherMiddle-End Array Expressions
Guillem MarponsAdding Coding Rule Checking Capabilities to the GCC Toolchain
Michael MatzImproving the precision of GCCs debug information
Toon MoeneTowards an implementation of Co-Array Fortran.
Alexandre OlivaA Plan to Fix Local Variable Debug Information in GCC
Sebastian PopImproving GCC Infrastructure for Streamization
Vinodha RamasamyFeedback Directed Optimization using Synthetic Edge Profiles from Hardware Event Sampling
Roger Anthony SayleA Superoptimizer Analysis of Multiway Branch Code Generation
Nathan SidwellNon-stop Multi-Threaded Debugging in GDB
Ian Lance TaylorA New ELF Linker
Tom TromeyIncremental Compilation for GCC