Proceedings of the 2007 GCC Summit

Proceedings (PDF, 162 pages)

Individual Papers

AuthorTitle / Link to Final PDF
Andrey Belevantsev Implementing an instruction scheduler for GCC: progress, caveats, and evaluation
Arpad Beszedes Using backward dynamic program slicing to isolate influencing statements in GDB
Sean Callanan Extending GCC with Modular GIMPLE Optimizations
Andrea Ornstein CLI Back-End in GCC
Grigori Fursin Practical run-time adaptation with procedure cloning
Olga Golovanevsky Struct-reorg: current status and future perspectives
Jan Hubicka Interprocedural optimization framework in GCC
Daniel Jacobowitz Reversible Debugging
Vladimir N Makarov The integrated register allocator for GCC
Toon Moene Front End Based Optimizations: Premature or Inevitable?
Diego Novillo Memory SSA
Gregory Prokopski Towards GCC as a compiler for multiple VMs
Ira Rosen Loop-Aware SLP in GCC
Basile Starynkevitch Multi-Stage Construction of a Global Static Analysis
Haiping Wu Dynamic Optimization Option Search in GCC