Proceedings of the 2006 GCC Developers Summit

Proceedings (PDF, 260 pages)

Individual Papers

AuthorTitle / Link to Final PDF
Andrey Belevantsev An interblock VLIW-targeted instruction scheduler for GCC
Tomáš Bílý Replacement special loop form by a call of builtin function
Nathan Froyd Call path profiling for unmodified, optimized binaries
Paul J. Gilliam Recent Developments in GDB
Richard Guenther Profile driven loop transformations
Olivier Hainque Multi-language programming: The challenge and promise of class-level interfacing
Jan Hubička Interprocedural optimization on function local SSA form in GCC
Robert Kidd Improved Superblock Optimization in GCC
Razya Ladelsky Matrix flattening and transposing in GCC
Gaius Mulley A report on the progress of GNU Modula-2 and its potential integration into GCC
Mircea Namolaru Devirtualization in GCC
Diego Novillo OpenMP and automatic parallelization in GCC
Dorit Nuzman Autovectorization in GCC - two years later
Alexandre Oliva Speeding Up Thread-Local Storage Access in Dynamic Libraries
Sebastian Pop GRAPHITE: Loop Optimizations Based on Polyhedral Model for GCC
Michael C. Rosier Treegion Instruction Scheduling in GCC
Nathan Sidwell Improving Software Floating Point Support
Peter Steinmetz Low Level Performance Analysis - Identifying opportunities for improving compiler code generation.
Edmar Wienskoski Switch statement fdo reordering
F. Kenneth Zadeck Changes to RTL Dataflow Analysis