Proceedings of the 2005 GCC Summit

PDFGCC Summit 2005 Proceedings (PDF, 216 pages, 1.8MB)

Individual Papers

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Andrey Belevantsev Improving GCC instruction scheduling for Itanium
Daniel Berlin Compilation wide alias analysis
Daniel Berlin Structure aliasing in GCC
Paolo Carlini The C++ library is being enhanced
Zdenek Dvorak Gimplification Improvements
Jon Grimm Decimal Floating Point Extension for C via decNumber
Mostafa Hagog Cache Aware Data Layout Reorganization Optimization in GCC
Olivier Hainque Compile-time evaluation of stack size requirements with GCC
Jan Hubicka Profile driven optimizations in GCC
Geoff Keating Inter-module Analysis in GCC
Razya Ladelsky Interprocedural constant propagation in GCC
Vladimir N. Makarov Yet another GCC register allocator
Toon Moene GFortran: Compiling a 1,000,000+ line Numerical Weather Forecasting System
David L. Moore C/C++ Compatibility on Linux: Requirements, Achievements, and Prospects
Diego Novillo A Propagation Engine for GCC
Ulrich Weigand Porting the GNU Tool Chain to the Cell Architecture
Canqun Yang Performance Improvements for GCC Using Architecture Features on IA-64