Proceedings of the 2004 GCC Summit

GCC 2004 Proceedings, PDF, 1.2MB, 174 pages

Arpad Beszedes CSiBE Benchmark: One Year Perspective and Plans
Paolo Carlini Performance work in the libstdc++-v3 project
Zdenek Dvorak Declarative world inspiration
David Edelsohn High-Level Loop Optimizations for GCC
Mostafa Hagog Swing Modulo Scheduling for GCC
Jan Hubicka Call graph module in GCC (framework for intraprocedural optimization)
Gabor Loki Code Factoring in GCC
Vladimir N. Makarov Fighting register pressure in GCC
Dorit Naishlos Autovectorization in GCC
Diego Novillo Design and Implementation of Tree SSA
Mukta Punjani Register Rematerialization In GCC
Naveen Sharma Addressing Mode Selection in GCC
Nathan Sidwell Statically Typed Trees
Tom Tromey Gcj: the new ABI and its implications