Proceedings of the 2003 GCC Summit

2003 GCC Summit Proceedings (PDF, 268 Pages, 1.3MB)

Individual Papers

Arpad Beszedes Optimizing for Space: Measurements and Possibilities for Improvement
Per Bothner GCC Compile Server
Paul Brook Fortran 95 support in GCC
Zdenek Dvorak A New Loop Optimizer for GCC
Frank Ch. Eigler Mudflap: pointer use checking for C/C++
Sanjiv K. Gupta Alias Analysis for Intermediate Code
Jan Hubicka Porting GCC to the AMD64 Architecture
Andreas Jaeger Porting to 64-bit Linux systems
Chris A. Lattner Architecture for a Next Generation GCC
Vladimir N. Makarov The finite state automaton based pipeline hazard recognizer and instruction scheduler in GCC
Michael Matz Design and implementation of the graph coloring register allocator for GCC
Jason Merrill GENERIC and GIMPLE: A new tree representation for entire functions
Diego Novillo Tree SSA -- A New Optimization Infrastructure for GCC
Hartmut E. Penner Porting GCC to the IBM S/390 platform
Robert Schiele Building and Using a Cross Development Tool Chain
Naveen N.S. Sharma Optimal Stack Slot Assignment in GCC
Nathan Sidwell How to Get the Best from g++
Perry M. Wagle StackGuard: Simple Buffer Overflow Protection for GCC
Zachary Weinberg A Maintenance Programmer's View of GCC